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100% Pure Resveratrol

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  • Supports Anti-Aging & Longevity*
  • Promotes Cardiovascular Function*
  • Contains 500 mg of Resveratrol
  • Contains 40 mg of Vitamin C
  • Supports Inflammation Reduction*
  • 180 Count, 1000mg per serving
Our premium, high potency resveratrol is a powerful anti-oxidant to help fight aging, improve cardiovascular health, and even control inflammation. Resveratrol helps you naturally maintain your youthful vigor and appearance - and most importantly support your joint and nervous system. When taken daily, Resveratrol helps slow the effects of aging by nourishing your skin and hair, maintaining cholesterol and blood sugar, smoothing blood flow, and supporting brain health. Resveratrol is a proven antioxidant to promote overall health and well-being. *.
+Additional Details
Each serving of this supplement contains 500 mg of pure trans-Resveratrol, 40 mg of health boosting Vitamin C, and 500 mg of our Proprietary Blend; an all-natural mix made from the extracts of Grape Seed, Acai, and Maqui Berries. Our Resveratrol supplement is completely vegetarian, non-GMO, and gluten free. We never use any fillers, binders, additives, artificial flavors, or artificial ingredients. Please take note, due to the nature of our ingredients, colors may vary from batch to batch.
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