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Ingredient Sourcing


natural Ingredient sourcing

We Control Our Manufacturing Process. Many supplement companies source pre-manufactured batches of ingredients. In these circumstances, the supplement company has no influence on the methods used to manufacture the product.

Trusted Nutrients selectively sources ingredients from the desired countries of origin to create its own ingredient batches. Thus, we mandate that microcrystalline cellulose, titanium dioxide, artificial ingredients, GMO’s, gluten and allergens are prohibited from being included in our supplements.

Trusted Nutrients controls its process and controls the quality of its ingredients to provide you premium supplement ingredients you can understand and trust.

Talk Is Cheap: When we source ingredients, we rigidly demand to review the Certificate of Analysis to confirm testing performed on the ingredients to ensure ingredient potency, purity and integrity. Once our supplements are manufactured in final form, we test again and send the product to our testing laboratory to confirm that the quality of the ingredients has not become impaired. Only upon receiving our independent Certificate of Analysis will we make the supplements available to our customers.

You Have A Right To Know: Do you want to inspect our test results? Do you have a question before deciding to purchase our product? Ask us and we will 100% commit to follow up with you.