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I had a dream. It sounded simple. But the dream was flirting with the impossible. I wanted to be a mom.

I endured years of infertility struggling to conceive, along with the emotional wounds – I was hurting. As time passed, the odds were increasingly against me.

Intensive research guided me down a path of determination. Today I am a mom! The confluence of Chinese acupuncture, meditation, and nutritional supplementation were my catalysts to achieving this dream. My culture of research on natural supplementation was influenced by my mother, who integrated nutritional supplements, healthy eating, exercise and detoxification in helping my grandmother overcome the debilitating symptoms of Parkinson’s. A true testament to living until 99 years of age.

Today, my nutritional moral compass is guided by my young child (elementary school), my mother who recently passed at the age of 86, and my husband and I (you can do your own math!). Trusted Nutrients supplements are consumed in my house.

Our supplements are only good enough for our customers if we first have undeniable conviction that the supplements can make an impact on our own children, mothers and spouses.

You can dream with your eyes closed. I chose to dream with my eyes open and take command of the obstacles in my control.

I want the same for everyone else. I became involved with this business because I authentically believe in the power of a healthy body, which enables happiness. This business is personal to me.

There is no magic pill in a bottle. Sometimes our bodies need a little help from nature.

You want the best, so do we.

Today this objective is Trusted Nutrients’ mission:  to create healthy bodies and happy people.

No hype. No flashy advertising. Product labels with truthful simplicity. Nothing to show off but our authenticity and premium, pure ingredients from nature you can trust. Family values are the heartbeat of our products.


CEO, Trusted Nutrients