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Know About Boosting Your Immune System

December 29, 2018

Know About Boosting Your Immune System

Do you get sick all the time? Do you feel like you somehow always fall victim to every virus or infection going around? Even the ones that don’t necessarily get people down just happen to get you down and keep you there? You probably have a slow recovery time as well. It gets to a point where you just chuck everything up to bad luck. Chances are that you either have a naturally weak immune system or you are being affected by factors that lower the immune system.

What is the immune system?

The immune system comprises of a connection of cells, tissues, proteins, and organs that protect the body from germs, viruses, infections, illnesses and basically any foreign substance that may be harmful to the body. More simply put, the immune system is the body’s defense against harmful foreign substances. Apart from having a naturally weak immune system, there are factors that could weaken the immune system.

What factors could weaken the immune system?

The immune system can be affected by various factors, most of which may even be self-inflicted. Below is a list of some of the factors that could weaken an otherwise reasonably strong immune system.

  • Bad diet (consumption of too much sugar or fat)
  • Lack of exercise
  • Exposure to toxins and pollutants (from radiation or even prescription pills)
  • Smoking
  • Poor hygiene
  • Obesity
  • Lack of sleep
  • Alcohol in excess
  • Stress

A weak immune system epitomizes bad news. You’re constantly flying under the weather with some infection or another, you miss work days or school days all the time, not to mention the fortune you may be spending on doctor visits and medications. Strengthening a weak immune system isn’t so difficult. First things first you have to figure out what the cause of your weak immune system may be. Better still, start with the factors that affect an immune system; see to it that you don’t inflict any of those factors on yourself. Quit smoking, drink in moderation, improve hygiene, the whole 9 yards.

What if I have a naturally weak immune system?

In this case “over-caution” shouldn’t be something to run away from, you can never be too careful. That said, there are ingredients that are known to help boost the immune system Such as vitamin C, vitamin E, cats claw, Garlic, maitake and shitake mushrooms, grape seed extracts and much more. Trying to get a healthy dose of all these ingredients individually may be an impossible task. So if you want to strengthen your already weak immune system or even bolster your already strong one, apart from staying away from the “immune system spoilers” the next best thing would be to get a good immune support vitamin. These vitamins usually contain all of the ingredients I listed above and much more. Each of these ingredients plays a role in boosting your immune system and work even better in combination.

Sometimes, even after doing everything within your power to keep your immune system working right, there still may be situations that are out of your control. An immune support vitamin is the best and easiest way to look after your immune system.

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