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I Did It! One Shot Vaccine and I'm Done.

March 18, 2021

I Did It! One Shot Vaccine and I'm Done.

As of late, I've been on a FB group for people who have a gene mutation called MTHFR. I tend to have another word for this gene and it's not a nice one as it was a part of my infertility issues for many years. In any case, this gene and it's variant decreases my levels of folate and increases levels of homocysteine in my blood. In a nutshell, while I was pregnant I would create golf ball like blood clots and experience miscarriages.  I spent most of my pregnancy on blood thinners and all kinds of other meds to keep myself and my daughter alive and healthy.  So you can imagine my apprehensiveness after reading that my body may not be able to detox the toxins from the vaccines and I will likely encounter adverse side effects.

To add more anxiety to my already worried self, when I take any kind of prescription medication, I tend to experience most of the side effects. Hence, my fear of injecting or ingesting something foreign into my body. 

So, last week I was fortunate enough to make not one but two appointments for the vaccines Pfizer and Johnson and Johnson.  My brother and father live overseas in a part of the world that has become a hotspot for a new variant and I want to see them. Essentially, vaccine = visit family.

Well, the day after I confirmed the appointment, I got cold feet and decided to cancel the Pfizer at CVS and then reached out to Publix to try and cancel J&J. I say try because Publix did not have a system in place to cancel. So, on Sunday I headed to my appointment armed with my husband and daughter as my support.  I would take it as a sign if my name was still on the list, I would toughen up and take the shot.

Well....I won't sugar coat my experience other than complementing Publix on spacing out appointments so there was no line and little waiting time. They were completely professional, although I think they could have performed more vaccinations if they had additional staff just handling vaccines.  But that is a different conversation.

 How did it go for me?

  1. The shot hurt (I'm also petrified of needles so that didn't help).
  2. When I got home I went to lay down as recommended by friends.
  3. Fatigue and lethargy came on pretty quickly. My shot was at 3:45, home by 4:15 and sleeping by 4:45; in and out of consciousness for about 2 1/2 hours.
  4. My arm continued to throb for the next 36hours.
  5. All I wanted to do was sleep, barely ate and my body started to become sore.
  6. Went to bed at around 9pm, middle of the night, woke up to stomach issues, diarrhea and chills.
  7. Back to bed for a few more hours, then up in the morning, barely made it to the shower and back in bed for most of the day. It felt like a really bad hangover.
  8. Body still hurt, my head was foggy, tried to do some work, couldn't focus.
  9. Experienced more chills, feverish and pain in my lower back.
  10. Picked up my daughter from school, headed back to the couch, fever reached 100.4 and then started to subside as quickly as it came.
  11. Made an attempt at dinner, then back in bed for the night.
  12. My body continued to be sore like I worked out and this was the muscle pain on day two. At some point around 3am I started to feel more awake and by 6am something in my body just clicked.
  13. Popped out of bed at 7:20am for a Zoom meeting which of course I was running late and then I knew I was back at 100%.

I am happy to announce that on Monday, March 15th it was  International Napping Day so I made the best out of my situation and did nap all day.

I have to say that after I felt back to normal, I did feel a sense of security knowing that I was more protected then I was two days prior.  I knew I wanted the one shot Johnson & Johnson as two shots would really put me over the edge and there isn’t enough Trusted Nutrients Ashwagandha to  calm me down.  However, I have asked friends who have taken both Pfizer and Moderna and everyone is different.  My in-laws, my aunt and many friends have had the Pfizer shots and no negative experience.  Others have some symptoms, mainly pain at the site and a little tired after the second shot. 

I am hopeful that if we all do our part we can help curtail this horrible virus that has taken so many lives. I am now a carrying CDC vaccine card holder; however, I’ll continue to mask up, wash hands and spray everyone including myself with my concoction of water, alcohol, eucalyptus, camphor and tea tree.  Stay alert.

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