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Health Benefits of Royal Jelly for Fertility

May 07, 2020

Health Benefits of Royal Jelly for Fertility - Trusted Nutrients

Natural remedies and supplements offer a variety of potential health benefits, including assistance with fertility. Royal jelly is a natural substance that has become popular in the health food supplement market for having a variety of purported health benefits. This unique “superfood” has a lot of indications in use for infertility treatments and may be able to provide the added support that everyone needs to stay healthy and in their best condition. What, though, is royal jelly?

Despite how fancy it sounds, royal jelly is actually just bee food. This substance is made by the worker bee nurses to feed to the new larvae in their first days of life. This substance has the power to make a queen, which is where it got its name. What some people don’t realize is that this is actually considered a food product since it contains calories, carbs, and protein. 

IVF and Royal Jelly

Royal jelly is a common choice among those who are considering IVF treatments or other fertility services. This substance can provide a lot of energy and nourishment for everyone, along with plenty of other health benefits. There was a study done recently that showed that a queen bee with a strict diet of royal jelly can lay 2,000 eggs per day or more. Therefore, it would lead to follow that there may, indeed, be benefits to be had by using royal jelly to help with fertility. 

Royal jelly actually contains low levels of testosterone, which is interesting since the same substance is designed to help women get the hormonal balance that they need. Regardless, it can work to assist with fertility and IVF treatments. There aren’t a lot of published studies of the effects of royal jelly on actual humans, but the results in other studies are promising, and plenty of people have reported seeing better health support. 

In Summary

  • There are few or no clinical studies on how IVF can affect pregnancy. It is believed that it messes with the hormones in the body and can make it harder to conceive. 
  • Although studies are limited, there appears to be something of value in using royal jelly to help promote fertility or handle infertility issues by promoting the hormonal balance in the body.
  • Those who have or have had allergies to bees in the past should not use these products since they are made with products produced directly by bees themselves. 


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